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A RESULTS DRIVEN STRATEGIC PARTNER that brings BRANDS and COMMUNICATION to LIFE through Live   ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGNS and PROGRAMMES that allows us to enrich the lives of African communities

Recent developments across our network:

6th October 2020

Join our panelist and share your point of view as we discuss not just who but why, what and where do we go next .


1400-1500 LAGOS


1600-1700 NAIROBI 

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Mobile Promotional Platform

What does Promoflo offer?

  1. Rapid roll-out of tactical, always-on, mobile first engagement campaigns to integrate and leverage your above and below the line marketing spend.

  2. Engage and capture prospect and customer data in a seamless journey, building 'owned' data assets. 

  3. Integrate your existing touch points and transform social and online presence to traffic and data acquisition engines.

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The African Millennial

Exp in partnership with REACH Technologies, a transaction informatics firm based out of Lagos, has completed the first indepth study on the African Millennial, representing the views of over 20 million urban Africans between the ages of 20 and 35.

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