With 17 wholly owned agencies across 11 African Countries, Exp Group is Africa's largest and leading network of wholly owned agencies across sub-Saharan Africa.


Live  Brand Experience Agency

Where: Zambia, Malawi (affiliate), Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal (affiliate), Guinea-Bissau (affiliate), Angola (affiliate), Mozambique (affiliate), DRC (affiliate).

Website: www.expagency.biz

Zambia - www.expzambia.agency

Tanzania - www.exptanzania.agency

Kenya - www.expkenya.agency

Uganda - www.expuganda.agency

Nigeria - www.expnigeria.agency

Ghana - www.expghana.agency


Sponsorship Agency

Where: South Africa and the rest of the Continent

Website: www.expagency.co.za

Activation & Digital Connectivation Agency

Where: South Africa

Website: www.liveplus.co.za

Boutique Brand & Corporate PR Agency

Where: South Africa

Website: www.thegrindpr.co.za

Branding, Logistics & Warehousing

Where: South Africa

Website: www.turnkeylogistics.co.za

GA Productions Logo WB NTL.png

Technical Solutions Partner

Where: Nigeria

Website: www.gaprod.biz

Social Marketing & Behaviour Change Communication

Where: Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal,

Website: www.expsocialmarketing.com